llama crossdresser ?

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llama crossdresser ?

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A random thought entered into my mind.

We have all seen that Shandy, llamas capo, always defends and imitates him with lies, twisting truth and general nastiness under the pretence of "I'm sticking up for my friend" as an excuse to be a thoroughly nasty piece of work (like llama, they instigate trouble between people and spread lies).

Going through streams on various channels, people claim Shandy looks like a man :shock:

Now call me crazy (I am not, my mother had me tested) but I assert that quite possibly - Shandy is llama's crossdressing alt :o

If this is true, it would instantly quadruple the amount of alternate accounts llama posts from.

Plus, both appear to have the same breast size.

Please, prove me wrong.
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